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Updated: Dec 24, 2022


Seint made the announcement that on the first of every month in 2022, we will release one limited-edition Lip + Cheek shade, "The Shade of the Month," which would only be accessible for the month in which they were released. This was done as part of our 2022 Artist Birthday Party.

In 2023, we will take that promotion and launch it with a new twist. Each quarter of this year, we will release 3-5 lip and cheek colors that will be appropriate for that "season." Similar like previous year, the sunglasses may be a popular favorite, an oldie but a goodie, or something entirely new.

Queen of Hearts Collection:

This collection will make you feel regal and gorgeous with its inclusion of our four Shades of the Season (see below) and one additional Lip + Cheek colour. Watch to find out what the shades are during the celebration! These colors will be revealed to artists one week before the artist birthday party, and they will be made available to artists and customers on January 17, 2023, the day of the artist birthday party.

NOW, I'M NOT SAYING THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN, BUT....... would it not be an amazing idea for Seint, for a season of course, have a BRIDGERTON SEASON COLLECTION in 2023? Who's not a Bridgerton fan! If you watched the first three seasons of Bridgerton and are eager to find out everything that happens next, well so am I and I can't wait for season 3! In the book, after Benedict meets and falls for a mysterious girl at a masquerade ball, he sets out to find her true identity, not knowing that she is actually Sophie. My point before I get carried away..... i love how I see all different shades, skin tones and the beauty of it all in the characters of the famous Netflix series! You rally get to see what true beauty that effortless and thats what season shows!

So tell me your thought dear reader, what would the shades of a season with a Bridgerton theme be called? (... use the comment section below to reply)

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