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It's time to take you business & brand to a NEW level! Schedule with a photography may not be feasible, depend on what's need and when. Whether you are taking your own images for social media or your blog as a content creator, blogger, business coach or influencer , having the know how is half the battle! Learning to take your own photos for your business can be a game changer.



Each booking includes a 30 minute phone consult and a 60 minute session is a eliminating way to show you what you are capable of doing in front of the camera! It will help you build self- confidence for in front of and behind the camera giving you piece of mind that you know what you are doing!


If you want your brand & business to grow, it's going to start with how you make clients feel! Whether you are ready to learn just how to pose or how to film your content with your selfie stick and tripod,




Area of topic training includes :

  • Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Wardrobe
  • Batching Content for photo shoots
  • How to pose
  • Locations option ideas
  • Presets options

DIY Selfie Photography Coaching

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