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Work with me at Seint!

So you want to be a Seint Artist & need a little more information? I just want to tell you how excited I am about helping you maximize and reach your goals.


The Seint Artist Program is bringing several people life, beauty and freedom as it gives an income and this is exactly why I would like to share Seint with you and have you join the program in becoming one of our artist!

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Beauty blogger Cara Brook founded Seint in 2013 with the notion that cosmetics should be simple to use, enjoyable, and enhance rather than hide a woman's natural beauty. Before Free People, Ulta, and Sephora recognized and wanted the product on their shelves, the product was sold through her website.

Cara came up with a new approach to assist ladies like you in working from home while assisting consumers in truly understanding the products. The Artist Program was born preserving just the positive aspects of direct sales and eliminating anything that felt icky or disgusting.


While Cara had an idea of her own that would help women like you earn an income whether you are a stay at home mom like me, are a makeup artist and looking for something new of great quality or you just want to start your own small business on the side while you help customers get educated and feel good about feeling beautiful.


It wasn't until January 2017, the Artist Program CAME ALIVE, keeping the GREAT parts about direct sales and leaving behind anything that seemed scammy and uncomfortable.

You belong on my team!

Become An Artist


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Artist Program


Artist Kits

Let's examine the contents of each of the three Artist Kit sizes that are available:

Essential Kit


suggested for someone who only needs a few things to get started and already has their basic starter kit


Basic Kit


This is the most well-liked Artist Kit; it includes everything you need to launch your company successfully. It is assorted.


Pro Kit


for the Artist who desires to dive right in! This quantity of products at this pricing cannot be found anywhere else.

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