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Hi, I'm Samantha

Welcome to my corner of social media growth, inspiration, and a little bit of pretty lol! Oh who am I kidding, A LOT OF PRETTY Y'ALL! This is my outlet to share my passions about—  BEAUTY, MAKEUP & INFLUENCER GROWTH!

Working with those who are ready to make an impact in their lives making multiple streams of income is what it means to turn a hobby into a career! Before Seint Beauty & living as a full time influencer working with brans, I was Samantha Abraham the pageant Queen of Queens!

Let's fast forward as I pain the picture! I'm married, 4 kids now, living as a military wife in and out of the country. Honestly, that was one of the happiest times in my life; however, I still remember feeling lost and unfilled like I was meant to do something else. I felt as if I was in my husbands shadow and I loved him dearly, but I felt out of place. To be completely transparent , I felt guilty for feeling this way because I should have just been grateful for the life I had.


Well my family and I finally landed in Tennessee and after working in the healthcare industry for 14 years, I quit my government job to finish my bachelors and care for my family while starting my own business as I worked on winning an International beauty pageant. SHEESH, that was a lifetime mouthful LOL! YES, crazy, I know!

Enough was enough!

I was tired of making other peoples dreams come true! It was time to do something me.

You are thinking, job security out the window! Aren't you too old for pageants? A successful business is hard work girl! Well, I did it and it was the best decision I ever made, I won my dream beauty pageant title as Mrs. Cosmos International 2020, and I started my own business working with brands, blogging and started pageant coaching on the side. It was then I discovered how strong of an influence I had and that I wanted to teach others the same, especially in the beauty industry.

 I wanted more for myself! I desperately wanted to be a part of the influencer industry, but I thought I could never do it and gave myself plenty of excuses as to WHY NOT RIGHT NOW. I also thought I had to become another person in order to do so and shield away all the shameful parts of my life or be picture perfect. WRONG!


I never looked at being an influencer as an actual career and didn’t want my education and investment go to waste. I invested 2 years of my life to learning social media and working with brands while creating multiple streams of income.  I will tell you that through the process I learned of social media strategies, trends, BUT finding a new audience from scratch was the hardest I has to do after coming out of the pageant industry. 

However through the growing pains, I've been blessed to be able to work with brands such as Amazon, OFRA Cosmetics, Mented Cosmetics & Sephora as well as small brands. Brand collaborations were my jam and I notices that every "influencers" had no clue how t work or pitch to brands.

 When I worked as a freelance makeup artist in the past I always want to have my own brand of makeup to sale to clients . Well that dream came true 6 years later when I found Seint Beauty and not only is a substantial part of my income, I'm able to train and build a team to lead as influencers in the called industries and/ or strengths. I am a multiple streams of income kind of girl and I noticed many beauty influencers were creating beautiful makeup content and send their community to Ulta and not get a dime for all their hard work or they were purchasing from brands hoping to get a discount code! I KNOW IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, THEN IT'S TIME TO FILP THE SCRIPT!