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My makeup of the day, I'm in love!! When I tell you I watch all of Samantha's tutorials I WATCH THEM!! 
  I'm obsessed!! ❤️


-Patama B.

This is only my second time playing with my make up. And I am the one of the over sixty women..I am 67. Recently lost my husband a year ago and took a lot of time taken care of him and now I need to take care of my self. AND HERE I AM!!


-Reed S.

Thank goodness for Seint and Samantha Abraham for her patience and training. I was not new to makeup, but i have learned so much and am no longer afraid to play around and make mistakes. Finding what works for me with one compact is the best thing ever. My vanity is less cluttered and it makes traveling easier. I can’t wait to see the brand grow and create more colors for WOC. Seint has been heaven sent and they should be grateful for Samantha Abraham.

I thought my colors were not going to look good on me, but Samantha Abraham said “trust me” and I did. It took a little bit to get the correct amount of makeup applied to my face, once I learned how to use less and blend it better it got prettier every time. Stick with it ladies!

I  watched other Seint artist, but it was her expertise and love of her work that was apparent through the screen that made me spend my few coins and dive in; and boy am I glad I did. I no longer cringe when trying to pick out colors or applying new makeup techniques. Thank you Samantha for everything you’ve helped me to accomplish from skincare and beyond. If I had the artistic talent I’d work for Seint too!💋


-Chenile D.

I was thinking you made it look amazing and beautiful on your melanated skin, but was terrified of the cream aspect due to my oily skin. I’m so glad I stepped out and decided to try it because it’s the best choice I’ve made in regards to makeup in a long time. Thanks Sam!!🥰

Anedra B.

GM FRIEND 😊.  I don't know what I did before my Demi! Love it! 

- Vanessa D.

I thought I was about to be “casket ready” (especially with it being cream) I had my old faithful mascara and gloss just in case it didn’t work out 🤞🏽but for some reason I trusted Samantha and now all I have to do is get me a bigger kit to add eyeshadows and you can’t tell me nothing!

- Shareka K.

Samantha Abraham I honestly didn’t think it would be a match and work, more money that I would have wasted, but it is a match and I love it. I’ve received more compliments with this makeup than any other makeup I’ve tried in the past.

All the Seint makeup that I purchased is an investment, I plan on using it forever, that’s how much I love it.

Thank you Sam for matching me, for your knowledgeable & teaching me. I’ve learned so much from you. I appreciate you & your time, your the best. Love you Sam🙏🏾💕

-Tasema N.

Today’s Look! I used Jolene and Renaissance for my lip n cheek combo today. So one of the things I love about Seint is that it really helps me cover my Seborrheic Dermatitis flares. I stop producing melanin when I’m having a flare (which I am currently experiencing due to the weather) and it’s very difficult to find base shades that match my uneven skin tones. But I found Samantha Abraham and this awesome makeup and my whole makeup routine has changed!


- Tamara J.

Thank you so much!!!  Can I say thank you so much for your content? You have no idea how much it means to have someone who looks like me on the social media platforms speak about makeup for women of color! Thank you! 

-Bre A.

Best Friend, 💜I called you, to tell you, I ABSOLUTELY ENJOYED sitting in on your live!   And yes, I turned the phone over and sound down, when you started showing those beautiful highly pigmented eyeshadow colors….. (just playing)😂..  thank you for staying with us for HOURS!  Much appreciated… 🥰. I’m sure I’m speak for everyone, when I say…SEINT HAS A SAINT in you!  It’s truly because of you,  I enjoy wearing makeup.  (BECAUSE of you I know how to apply) you taught me not only how easy it is but how much fun it is to apply! I love me some you!  Ttyl Best Friend 💜💜💜

And yea I was one of those supposed to be working watching SAMANTHA😩🤦🏽‍♀️💜🤗🤷🏽‍♀️🥰

-Simone D.

I was thinking this thing better work and I hope this lady knows what she’s talking about!  I’m glad to say I was not and have not been disappointed!!!

Tamara J.

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I thought FINALLY! Makeup that is easy to use and looks and wears well! I don’t wear a lot of makeup but Seint allows me to use just enough and helps me to look finished, and feel pretty. Also, I was thinking anything and everything looks good on Samantha ☺️ Lastly, I appreciate all the other skin care and makeup prep tips. I could never figure out the products to use for controlling my oily skin. Thanks to you it’s much better!

-Lori P.

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