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Hey Girl Heyyyy! FINALLY, you're here!
Are you ready to see what SEINT can do for you?

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*Please note if you currently reside outside the US/Canada - unfortunately SEINT cannot be shipped or sold to you at this time. We hope to be available in to you soon!

What is your skin type?
What skin concens or issues do you have?
What kind of makeup girl are you?
What shades of blush do you prefer? (choose all that apply)
How do you prefer your makeup coverage? (choose all that apply)
What are you interested in learning? (choose all that apply)

How To Send The Perfect Selfie

NO MAKEUP! Just A Clear BARE Face!
NO ring lights!
Click & watch this short video for a guide below!
Submit 1 to 2 selfies below. Be sure to utilize the instructions above. ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEND A SELFIE IN NATURAL LIGHT ONLY TO BETTER ENSURE AN ACCURATE MATCH! 
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I'm interested in learning more about SEINT’S Artist Program!
Would you be interested in hosting a one hour ZOOM class to share these amazing products with your BFF's and earn makeup for FREE at the same time? You bring the people and I bring the knowledge! These are fun, casual opportunities to see some of these products demo'd live in a semi private way!
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