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5 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression in 5 Seconds!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

First impression is the mental opinion someone you are meeting for the first time has about you. Impressions are psychological creations that result from physical occurrences. Your physical actions are the things that will create a mental picture in the mind of the person. It takes only a few seconds to make your first impression in the minds of people you are meeting for the first time, whether positive or negative.

The first five seconds of meeting a new person are the most crucial in any conversation. Keep in mind, if you miss the opportunity of making a positive impression on the others about you, you may not have the chance to correct it. The impression or opinion people have about you will determine whether he or she take to you or not. It may also determine if that person chooses to do business with you.

Below are five ways you can quickly create a positive first impression in the mind of anybody you are meeting for the first time within the first 5 seconds. The five tips I am sharing with you below are the first five things that people will notice within the first 5 seconds. The way you manage them matters a lot.

Make Eye Contact

When you are meeting somebody for the first time, as you walk up to them the first thing you should do is to make sure you make eye contact with them. This will make them see the confidence in you. People also feel more important when you look into their eyes when speaking with them. It means you are genuinely interested in them.

Have a Warm Handshake

Handshakes have a way of magically connecting two people. It is a show of friendship. When you extend handshake to people you are saying you are interested in friendship with them. This makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

Call Them by their Name

The most important word to anybody in a sentence is their name. The mention of your name resonates more than any other word. The first word that should come out of your mouth when meeting people for the first time is a mention of their name if you already know their name. If you don’t know their name that may be the first question you want to ask.


When you smile at people it means you are happy to see them. A smile sets a positive mood for a conversation. Your face is one of the first things people see when they see you. Wear a smile on that face as you approach them. You will find them embracing you.

Dress Well

This cannot be over emphasized. Before you can have the opportunity to open your mouth to talk to people they will first see your physical appearance. Your appearance can inform their first impression of you. So your dressing is your first statement. In fact, it is your most powerful statement. In some situations you may never get the opportunity to say anything if your appearance is wrong.


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