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Is Motivation Important?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

(Mrs. Tennessee Cosmo United States 2020 Samantha Abraham crowned by Mrs. Tennessee Cosmo 2019 Christy Craig Ginn for Miss Cosmo United States. Photo by Goodwin Photography)

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is motivation important?" Maybe you feel as if you do not need motivation in your life to function. The main question is, "IS MOTIVATION IMPORTANT?"

There are countless reasons to why motivation is important. You can research and find the sociological, psychological and scientific reason why a person need motivation in their lives of course. For this post, lets' just keep it simple and understandable shall we.

Maybe you are someone who makes plans to do something and you have great intention to complete the task, but never got around to it. Possibly you lack a little zest in your life or enthusiasm. If you are saying yes this is me more than you like to admit, then just know that you are not alone and you just lack motivation and inspiration.

Many people are suffering day to day from lack of motivation. Just because this seems to be common doesn't mean that it has to be your life. We were created to live different lives (not the same), find purpose and complete the goals we have set out to accomplish.

If you are unhappy with your life or unpleased with what is happening around you, then change is needed and you have the power to do so through self- motivation. Einstein challenged that insanity would be completing the same thing continuously but expecting different results. How can change occur if everything stays the same. You must have the desire to change! To have the desire to change in combination with motivation are the keys to goal setting and maintaining.

Motivation is what determines our level of success and achievements. Motivation is a key piece through your goal process. Yes, completing and achieving your goals is a process. Below are some reasons why motivation is important:

1. Identify the goal

Remember that goals come from the desire to want change and this may be positive motivation or a negative one. Identify what you want to fix or change. Identify what makes you happy or how to add more good into your life. No matter if it is the desire of change or an uncontrollable circumstance that forces change, embrace it and seek things that inspire you in a positive aspect. Set powerful goals and start using small motivators such as listening to motivational speakers, surround yourself with positive people in your life, and reading inspirational quotes and books.

2. Prioritize

Now it is time to commit yourself to a positive lifestyle. It is time to get focused and pour all of your energy into happiness. Get yourself on a schedule. Priorities your day to day activities and focus on important task. Also, be realistic and know you limitations. Motivation is essentials in helping you make the right decisions to complete task and goals accordingly.

3. Take Action

Now, how many time have you come up with a plan and it has fallen through? This is simply because you failed to take action. Just setting the goal is not enough. You must be consistent and decisive to take effective action to complete your goals. You will have days that you do not feel up to the task, but this is when motivation kicks in. The difference between people who are consistent with completing goals and others is motivation.

4. Overcome Setbacks & Delays

How often have you given up on something because you hit an obstacle? Challenges will come and when they do, this is when a decision has to be made. Will you give up or will you be motivated to continue? Motivation is the very thing that will keep you going.

5. Keep On Track

Do not loose site of you goals. Motivation will help you stay focused. We have all heard the phrase, "Keep your eye on the prize." At this point, it is going to take a high level of motivation to keep you going. Be sure to remove distractions out of the way. It is time to get motivated and reinforce your dreams.

(Mrs. Tennessee Cosmo United States 2020 Samantha Abraham. Photo by Goodwin Photography)

Create the vision, desire to be happy and set effective goals. This is essential for you to live your best life. This no long needs to be a dream, but this will now be your reality. Seek positive motivation. To experience motivation that is long lasting then you have to be willing to put in the work not matter what goals you set.


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