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NEW Artists will receive 20% extra stuff in their Artist Kits if they sign up on January 17, 2023, the day of the Artist Birthday Party. New Artists can use this as a terrific method to jumpstart their careers and make the most of our incredible items. Artists can sign up for this deal on January 17 from 3 am until 11:59 pm MST.

Essential Kit

Standard Retail Value of Artist Kit Products: $200 USD | $280 CAD

Wonderland Promo Retail Value: $249 USD | $349 CAD

Price: $99 USD | $139 CAD

Basic Kit

Standard Retail Value of Artist Kit Products: $477 USD | $679 CAD

Wonderland Promo Retail Value: $584 USD | $829 CAD

Price: $225 USD | $315 CAD

Pro Kit

Standard Retail Value of Artist Kit Products: $931 USD | $1320 CAD

Wonderland Promo Retail Value: $1114 USD | $1575 CAD

Price: $450 USD | $630 CAD

Gift with Purchase

You had a happy birthday! Without gifts, what is a birthday? We will be offering a gift with purchase on orders of $75 USD | $105 CAD or more for all orders placed on January 17 between the hours of 10:00 am, MST, and 11:59 pm, MST to commemorate the special day for the Artist Program. The artists and the customers can both benefit from this gift-with-purchase campaign.

A NEW Travel Perfector or a NEW Seint No. 6 Perfume will be offered as a gift with purchase to customers who spend $75 or more on the day of the Artist Birthday Party. As long as stocks remain.

  • Artist kit purchases are excluded from gift with purchase promo.

  • The party promotions are LIMITED supply and only available on a first come, first served basis.

  • We are unable to combine orders once they are placed or add an item to an already placed order. Only one party promotion gift will be allotted per order.

  • Orders placed under a party WILL qualify for the gift. However, a hostess redeeming her rewards WILL NOT qualify for the gift. Gifts are not eligible in conjunction with other promotions.

  • Gifts are not available for switches, exchanges or returns. If a qualifying order for the gift is returned but the promotion item is not returned, the designated cost of the gift will be subtracted from the refund.

  • Orders placed from 10am, MDT to 11:59pm, MDT Tuesday, January 17th are eligible for the party promotion gift.

  • Artist kits do NOT count as a qualifying purchase for the promotional gifts.

  • Artist orders (orders placed with their 20% off discount) WILL qualify for the promotional gifts as long as they spend the appropriate amount.

Special Wildflower Pricing for New Artists

Another important aspect of being a Seint Artist is going to our Reunions. We would love to see everyone at Wildflower! To encourage new Artists to attend, we will be offering Reunion tickets for a special price of $150 USD for individuals who sign up to be an Artist from January 17th - January 30th. New Artists will receive an email with a unique coupon code to register with the special pricing. The deadline to register with the special ticket pricing will expire on February 1st, 2023 at 11:59pm, MST.

Attending Reunions is an amazing opportunity to see what Seint is all about, and what better way for a new Artist to be introduced to our amazing mission than by gathering with other like-minded individuals in sunny San Antonio for a weekend filled with learning, connection, and purpose for a truly bucketlist-topping experience! Click HERE to learn more about Wildflower.

With Seint, we do it big and when I say big, I MEAN BIG! Stay turn for upcoming sales and promotions HELD ONLY ON January 17th 2023 for the Artist Birthday!

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