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Seint NEW Product Releasing coming on January 17th 2023!

Product Launches!

On January 17th, 2023 at 10am, MST, these new collections and products will be available!

Roses Red, IIID Pro Palette 40, your favorite color scheme recreated in a gorgeous new hue (above image)! This gleaming, deep crimson and gold makeup case is exquisitely majestic and befitting of a queen. Now that it is available in the opulent IIID Pro Palette 40 size, you can combine all of your makeup into a single, carefully designed piece of art that is always in fashion.

NEW Demi Edits

Mark you calendars for the new Demi Edits to be launched at Artist Birthday Party at a special discounted price for the party! The Edits will be available the day of the Artist Birthday Party at 30% off and will be available after the Artist Birthday at 15% off. What it is

A breakthrough approach to makeup, Demi Corrector is a carefully calibrated saturation of cream color that is strategically applied using a featherlight technique. Most of your skin remains untouched, resulting in an undetectable makeup that reveals the magic of your face.

How you use it

Using a Seint brush, apply a light touch of Demi Corrector directly to the places on your skin that need color correcting to achieve a flawless finish without layering and add texture with makeup.

Selecting color

Analyze the colors present in areas of your face you want to correct for, then utilize color solving to select shades from your palette to filter out any excess colors you don’t want, build depth of color you do want, and infuse your skin with a natural luminosity.

Why it’s better

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between showing off the features you love and polishing the areas you don’t. Demi Correctors use stunningly smooth texture and refined color to enhance the beautiful features of your face without sacrificing the inimitable radiance of your skin. Your natural beauty is extraordinary and exclusive; we want you to share it with the world.

Featuring Demi Collections

Wide Awake Demi Edit

Brighten your under eyes and feel fresh-faced with this magical collection. The Wide Awake Edit is ideal for bringing life back to sleepy or dark under eyes. Includes Demi Correctors in shades O1, YO1, Y1, O3, R1 and RO1.


Erase Demi Edit

The Erase Edit is ideal for erasing blemishes throughout their whole cycle from bump to post inflammatory pigmentation. By targeting each spot starting at the darkest point, you’ll keep your natural skin’s luminosity while eliminating those unwanted distractions. Includes Demi Correctors in shades RO1,O1, O3, OY1, YO1, and G1.


Rewind Demi Edit

The answer to melasma and age spots is this Demi Rewind Edit. By focusing on troubled areas, you eliminate the need for multiple layers of coverage, keeping your skin glowing and youthful. The Rewind Edit is ideal for turning back the clock on all of the spots that we collect over time from freckles to melasma. Includes Demi Correctors in shades YO1, RO1, R1, OY1, O3 and O5.


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