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5 Ways To Build Confidence

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The level of confidence you have in yourself will determine your self esteem. It will also determine how you live your life and how successful you will ever become in your career and life generally. Your self confidence can help you boost your happiness and how much love you have for yourself. A low self confidence is destructive. You can build confidence by following these steps.

Identify Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts about ourselves are usually the things that kill our self confidence. Whatever you tell yourself about who you are is what you will become. If you tell yourself you cannot achieve a task you won’t. This is why it is very important that you are in charge of your mind, both your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Anytime you are nursing negative thoughts in your mind this thought is transmitted to your brain. Your brain processes it and it becomes a part of you. Your first task towards building self confidence is to identify those negative thoughts you abhor in your mind.

Turn Negative Thoughts into Positivity

You can turn the negative thoughts into positivity by changing your thought. This is done through repetitive confession. After identifying the negative thoughts that constantly run through your mind start countering them until you are able to flush them out of your system. Stand in front of the mirror everyday and tell yourself what you are not and what you are. The more you feed your mind these words the more you become accustomed to thinking positively.

See Yourself the Way You Want to Be

The next step is to start seeing yourself as whom you have constantly said you are. This has to do both with your imaginative ability and your everyday actions. It’s not enough that you tell yourself you can move those mountains. You must see yourself moving it in your mind. Create a mental picture of you achieving those things you want to achieve. Once you are able to achieve them in your mind you can do them in reality.

Challenge Yourself

Throw yourself into the ring. Decide to do the very things that challenge you. Confidence is built through achievements. The more milestones you can surmount, the higher your confidence level. A good way to boost your self confidence is to continually do things that challenge you. Set realistic goals about the things you want to get done and stay true to those goals. If speaking in public scares you, then take up a speaking engagement and prepare adequately for it. If you experience anxiety when meeting new people, you can overcome it by planning to speak to at least one new person every day.

Avoid Negative Energy

The kind of people around you can determine the level of your confidence in yourself. When you are constantly in contact with people with low self esteem or people who don’t help you feel better about yourself you are likely to suffer loss of confidence. You must make deliberate effort to surround yourself with people that boost your confidence and not those that destroy it.

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