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Content Builder Cheat Sheet Printable


In this essential guide to content creation we will define what content creation is, look at how to develop a content creation process, how to estimate the cost of content creation, cover different types of content creation, share advice around a content creation strategy and content creation plans, and touch on the people involved in content creation. 

It’s easy to create content these days and publish it, but the challenge is in creating content that is meaningful and in ways that are efficient.

This is why it is essential for you to be creating content that is relevant and useful for their audiences, whilst also ensuring it is an asset. This quick guide will allow you to get straight to work with ideas and tips on posting and creating content.

There are some key requirements for content creation:

You need a plan for what content you are going to create.

Yes, it is about the actual writing, but also design as content includes video, infographics and many other formats.

Content created has to serve a purpose and be accessible.

These requirements ensure content will be effective in helping the customer and the business achieve their goals.

Why is content important?
Content is an asset for your platform, your business, and it is what will allow your prospects, readers, and users achieve their tasks and find the information they seek as the learn more about you. Here are some reasons why content is important that may drive your own content creation:

Provide value to audiences
If you’re creating content such as educational resources, guides, and articles, this provides value to the audience and can help them level-up. Value is also offered through content that helps people achieve specific tasks.

Build your brand (and trust)
What people think about your brand (and its content) is so important as they will recommend you, or not, based on their opinion. Creating consistently high quality and useful content will also build trust with your audience.

Attract and engaging prospects
This is where creating content as a business asset comes into play. You can start to establish your reputation with potential customers and users through your content. Educate them, rather than sell to them, through helpful content.
Each page is the standard letter size (8.5” x 11”) with 1” margins, perfect for hole-punching. This PDF includes a

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Content Builder Cheat Sheet Printable

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