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2023 SEINT Artist Birthday Party

Do not be late for a significant occasion! Please join us as we celebrate Seint's sixth artist birthday in Wonderland! We hope you'll join us through the looking glass for an enchanted day full of magical games, freebies, and brand-new product launches to celebrate the Artist Program, whether you're an experienced artist or you're simply curiouser and curiouser about becoming one. We will meet you there if you follow the white rabbit at @seintsandangels.

On January 17, 2023, the day of the Artist Birthday Party, NEW Artists who join up will receive roughly 20% extra stuff in their Artist Kits! This is a fantastic method for emerging Artists to get going on their careers and make the most of our incredible products. Artists who join up on January 17 between 3am and 11:59pm MST are eligible for this offer. More information coming January 1st!

LEARN MORE ABOUT SEINT HERE and for further detail, email me directly at

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