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How Take Care of Your Beautiful Skin in The Summer

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

As the hot summer approaches, our skin begins to alter. Isn't it? With the constant heat and humidity, your skin begins to cry out for additional protection, displaying everything from irritating rashes and sunburns to a persistent tan and acne.

To avoid undesirable summer skin problems, you must immediately improve your skincare routine. Let's look at how.

What Effect Does Summer Have on Your Skin?

As the weather warms and the humidity in the air rises, your skin's sebaceous glands begin to produce more sebum (natural oil). The oil released sticks to the skin's surface, causing stickiness, greasy, and clogged pores.

Acne outbreaks [1] are the most common summertime concern. People with oily skin are particularly susceptible because bacteria and oils in the skin interact with perspiration, clogging pores and creating acne.

Melanin [2] production increases when your skin is exposed to damaging UV rays in order to protect your skin from sun damage. Melanin is a photoprotective pigment. Excess melanin causes tanned, darker skin. Itchy skin, prickly heat, and other issues can arise.

Do You Have Seasonal Skin Changes?

Seasonal changes do affect the skin [5]. Dry weather in the winter depletes the skin's natural moisture, resulting in scaly, itchy skin. Summer humidity can cause bacterial infections, clogged pores, and acne breakouts due to sweat. Heaters in the summer and air conditioning in the winter can both dry the skin. As a result, each season has its own set of skincare guidelines.

During the summer, your skin demands more attention and care. You can protect your skin from the detrimental effects of the sun and heat by following a few basic actions like washing and moisturizing, staying hydrated, and applying sunscreen. Please let us know if our suggestions were helpful.

How to Look After Your Skin in the Summer

1. Face Wash to Get Rid of Extra Oil

Oily skin can become even more oily in the heat. Use a face wash that is suitable for your skin type and capable of deep cleansing and removing all dirt and grime. A non-foaming cleanser is recommended for people with dry skin. Choose cleansers that are gentle, alcohol-free, and pH balanced like the Seint Beauty Collection.

2. Adopt a good skin-care regimen

Maintain a skin-care routine that you stick to. Gel-based (for dry skin) and water-based (for oily skin) products are lighter and non-greasy than cream-based products. Keeping your skin clean and fresh requires twice-daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

3. Incorporate antioxidants into your skin-care routine.

Antioxidant serums moisturize your skin beautifully. Furthermore, they protect your skin from environmental harm, aid in collagen production, and scavenge free radicals to prevent skin damage. Use an antioxidant serum as part of your summer skincare routine. You can also include it in your diet by eating citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, green tea, and so on.

4. Maintain Skin Hydration

During the heat, staying hydrated is essential. After washing your face at night, use a hydrating face mask for extra moisture while you sleep. To keep your skin fresh, splash it with water or carry a facial mist with you at all times. [3] Seints' moisturizing Creme has a lot of natural milk components, which moisturize the skin and give it a more youthful look. It gently exfoliates the dull surface cells of the skin, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion, thanks to its combination of alpha-hydroxy lactic acid and vitamins A and E. This aids in the promotion of clarity, brightness, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Creme is made up of a variety of rich oils that leave your skin nourished and shining.

5. Exfoliate To Maintain Skin Health

To eliminate excess debris and oil from the skin, use a face scrub at least twice a week. Only use a scrub that is appropriate for your skin type and massage it gently in a circular motion. Make careful to exfoliate your lips and neck as well.

6. Always use sunscreen.

UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun can be quite damaging. They can induce accelerated aging, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles in addition to a hard tan. Even if you spend the most of your time indoors, a strong sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is essential for all skin types during the summer months. If you plan on swimming, we recommend using sunscreen several times. [4]

7. Stay away from heavy makeup.

Makeup that is too heavy inhibits the skin from breathing. The ability of the skin to breathe is also affected by humidity and heat. If you must wear makeup, consider using a tinted lip balm or one layer makeup. It gives you the versatility apply minimal make up and controlling your coverage. Get a free color match to your costume pallet.

8. Make Use Of A Quality Toner

A good toner can help close pores that are open. The T-zone of the face has the greatest number of sebaceous glands. Use an aloe vera or cucumber-based toner to prevent sweat and oil from blocking these pores because they are lighter.

9. Moisturize thoroughly

In the heat, a moisturizer is essential for protecting your skin. Depending on your skin type, you can select a non-greasy formula. However, search for antioxidants such as vitamins A and C. Even better if it has SPF. After your bath, apply a moisturizer as soon as possible.

10. Remember Your Eyes, Lips, and Feet

Always shield your eyes from the sun's harmful rays by wearing sunglasses. Under your lipstick, apply a hydrating under-eye gel and a lip balm with SPF. Exfoliate your feet by scrubbing them. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer to your feet as well, particularly if you're wearing sandals with open toes.

11. Increase your water and fruit juice intake.

In the summer, you should drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day. Staying hydrated is easy with coconut water, watermelon, and fresh juices. Water also aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Yogurt and buttermilk should be part of your daily diet.

12. Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Include salads and vegetables such as cucumber and lettuce in your diet to keep your body cool from the inside out. Seasonal fruits such as watermelons and musk melons, as well as citrus fruits and juices, aid in skin health.

13. Limit Your Sugary Drinks

Due to the abundant sugar, sugary aerated drinks make you feel sluggish. Furthermore, they bring no value to the body because they lack moisturizing properties. They actually motivate you.

14. Dress in breathable materials

Cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear in the summer. Wear loose, light clothing. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics that are too tight. These can make you feel more uncomfortable and make you sweat more, which can make your skin irritable and lead to infections.

15. Take a bath at least twice a day

Keeping proper hygiene is crucial during the summer. A chilly bath before bed can help remove all of the filth, grime, and sweat that has accumulated over the day and avoid rashes. A washing, toning, and moisturizing routine should be followed by both a morning shower and a night bath.

Final Thoughts

Excessive sun exposure, swimming to keep cool, and humidity can all harm your skin. The good news is that by properly caring for your skin, you can restore its natural balance, shine, and health. To obtain bright skin, stick to a regular skincare routine, maintain a balanced diet, and use simple yet powerful natural cures.

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