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Introducing: Shades of the Season: CREAM LIPSTICK & BLUSH

Let’s welcome a new twist on Shade of the Month for 2023.

During our 2022 Artist Birthday Party, Seint announced that on the 1st of every month, we would release one limited edition Lip + Cheek shade, “The Shade of the Month,” that would only be available during the month of their release in 2022.

We are thrilled to be taking that promotion and launching it with a twist in 2023. This year, we will be releasing 3-5 lip and cheek shades each quarter that will be available for that “season”. Similar to last year, the shades might be an oldie but a goodie, a fan-favorite, or something completely new.

All Shades of the Season for that quarter will be released at once and available for a few months to meet the needs and preferences for you as my beautiful customers & clients! Seint will be featuring each unique shade throughout the season and I will be sharing why they are a must-have addition to your palette. NOW YOU SEE WHY I SAY GET THE BIGGER PALETTE TO HAVE ROOM TO GROW!

Now mark your calendars- the first round of the Shades of the Season for 2023 will be revealed on the Artist Birthday Party, and will be released Tuesday, January 17th at 10am, MST.

As the news comes in prior, I will be sharing the SNEAK PEAK!

Stay tuned for more details about SEINT'S 2023 Artist Birthday Party coming later this week.

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