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Private Coaching in- person coaching session :


$200 per hour (2 hour minimum) ONE-ON-ONE! This includes on-site coaching appointment in Clarksville, TN that will focus on the areas of competition of your choice (i.e. Interview, swimsuit, evening gown, casual wear, MOCK INTERVIEW)! Please bring pageant paperwork, wardrobe, etc.


*Must be willing to travel to Clarksville, TN for in-person session.

* Virtual sessions are NON-transferable to in-person sessions and vice versa.

* Each In-person coaching purchase is good for only one day & cannot be split.

* Each additional session after 2 hour minium requirement is $125 (Please see email/ PDF to purchase additional sessions for your in-person coaching.)


This highly valuable coaching package includes: 120-minute minimum (2 hour minimum) IN- PERSON COACHING SESSION with to hone in on your qualities and guide you to identify your QUEEN LIFE Legacy & BRAND. Individualize your platform and story for interview, the judges, stage, speaking engagement and life! Practice make perfect!


Areas of topic for trainings to choose from: Interview Preparation & Onstage Question Platform Development Stage Presence Sponsorship Developing Choosing a Gown/Interview outfit Makeup application tips for the Pageant and Photo Hair style suggestions for Pageant.


Pageant Paperwork and Resume Preparation Speaker One/ Bios/Platform Page Social Media Training Building the Brand of You/Social Media Volunteering & Community Service Choosing active wear/swim wear and opening act outfits as needed Posing techniques for photo shoot Model Walk/ Pageant Walk and Stance Completing Pageant checklist Media training and securing of media appearances.


Preparation for Sponsorships and assistance in gaining Sponsors Creating a Plan for the Crown, as you learn to become a titleholder first It's time to put the position of the crown to good use while achieving not only goals, but aspirations!


Be coached by the pageant industries International Queen who's traveled the globe with world class experience! Meet Samantha: Samantha Abraham is the creator of "12 Months to Nationals", author of the Pageant Planner editions with a Bachelor's Degree in Business.


With over 50,000 follower across social media as she trains women to not only compete and engage on pageant day for the win, but throughout social media to build branding, engagement and sponsorship. Samantha has competed in Miss Unite, Mrs. Tennessee International, and Miss Cosmos as she became the leading Mrs. Cosmos International 2020! She’s also held the titles of Mrs. Maryland US 2015, Mrs. Kentucky Bluegrass 2016, Mrs. Tennessee CAM 2017, Miss Classic American Miss 2017, Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme Optimist 2017, Miss Southeast Ultimate Grand Supreme 2019, and Mrs. Tennessee Cosmos 2020. Samantha was a professional model since the age of 11 and has been recognized for several achievements such as 2015 Indie Makeup Artist of the Year, Miss Next Level Pageant and Mentor Program award winner, as well as Mrs. of The Year for 2020 by "Beauty It's Everywhere" and awarded & recognize by Miss Next Level Pageant & Mentoring Program in 2020. Working with woman in India, South Korea and around the world in pageantry training & coaching continues to give titles great value and excellence!


Samantha is ready to work with you to win a pageant beyond the crown and dedicated to the success in others! Purpose, passion and performance is what it takes to win the crown, but most importantly having the strategies to make moves with and BEYOND the crown!


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