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We all can agree that competing in pageants take dedication and  hard work.  It can be a struggle to keep everything together and in order including practicing, volunteering and let's not forget what comes into play if you win!  It can be a little overwhelming. You have to keep your daily schedule in tact, training, sponsors, work, school, budgeting, goals, social media, phone calls, practice. The Pageant Planners were created to help you unload, prepare and have everything at your finger tips!



If you are think is this for me as a contestant or pageant mom, think no further. While you stay organized, you can practice interview/ onstage questions, set goals, better prepare & build your platform, take notes, track your spending and improve your competition skills and outlook by: 


- Cover (Gloss finish front and back)

-  BONUS Social Media Guide

-  Beautiful Illustration Designed Dividers

- Pageant Overview

- You've Got This Daily Log

- Pageant Target 

- Event & Appearance Details

- Budgeting 

- Wardrobe Builder

- Bio Worksheet

- Pageant Packing List

- Pageant Checklist

- Appearance Log

- Sponsorship Log

-Community Service Log

- Practice Questions

-Judges Scores Tracker

- Autograph Section

- Weekly Checklist

- Fillable Monthly Calendar

- Contacts

- Notes

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